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Feasibility Services and Consulting

Guide your project on the right path since the beginning. The early preparation of project is the key to avoid any potential obstacles. After defining your investment intentions we can translate them into measurable and usable data. Before taking the decision to start the project we evaluate the economic feasibility of investment and the capacity to reach the goals of project. We take under consideration many aspects and possible challenges - planning procedures, building pemission, risk assessment, sales forecasts, deadlines, budgets, contracting, project organization.

Strive 4BG offers the following services at the designing phases of project:

  • Action plan drafting after a thorough study of all documentation at large;
  • Preparation of preliminary budgets and costs in all parts of project;
  • Drafting a time schedule comprising all development processes;
  • Clearing all activities in terms of connecting the development to the adjacent infrastructure;
  • Drafting (participation in drafting) contract/s for external connections designing;
  • Tender procedure for designing team/s for external connections;
  • Control over design contract in all parts;
  • Providing all nessessary permits and preliminary agreements in all parts of design projects;
  • Accepting design proposals in all parts and comparing them with the range and volume of design brief and the real needs of investor, checking the design for compliance with the design requirements and standards;
  • Assigning additional designing if nessessary;
  • Project documentation analysis and proposing different optimization variants concerning better quality and budget optimization;
  • Assinging prearation of detailed bills of quantities.