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I.    What does this Privacy Policy regulate and which the legal grounds are

On May 28 2018 the General Data Protection Regalement (GDPR) entered into force in Bulgaria. It is adopted by the European Union and its aim is to unify the policies of the member states of EU, related to collection and use of personal data. Its purpose is to guarantee the right to inviolability, to protect the personal data, in order to grant to each of us more security from abuse. The new Regalement comes with number of requirements, which “Strive 4BG” Ltd. applies and for which you can learn here. Some of them are:

1.    To inform you what personal data do we use;
2.    To inform you why do we use them;
3.    To seek your approval for their use, in cases where we present additional services based on that data;
4.    To grant you the opportunity to modify your consent for different purposes through this site, in order to give you more freedom of choice.
5.    To secure your right to ask for the correct data, its deletion, as well as your right to be “forgotten”. In addition we can provide you the data for downloading or heir transfer, given that you notify us and identify yourself in a satisfactory way. Everything which entitles identifying of a certain user shall be deemed personal data. This can be an e-mail address, names, mobile telephone number, residence address, IP address.
II.    Administrator
“Administrator” by virtue of the provisions of GDPR is “Strive 4BG” Ltd., UCN: 202430216, is a company, registered and existing under the Laws of Republic of Bulgaria, entered with the Register of Companies under the above Unified Company Number, having its registered seat and address at: Ovcha kupel II, block 43, Entr. 2, app.23, Sofia, Bulgaria and represented by Petio Miltonov Tankov. You can contact us any time by sending an e-mail to the following address: office@strive4.bg

III.    What Data Do We Collect?
“Strive 4BG” ltd. collects from its users the following information: name and family name; e-mail (digital address), Your preferences in relation to properties, for which You have requested information, IP address, and information from cookies.
IV.    How Do We Use Your Personal Data?
The purposes of processing of personal data are:
1.    We process Your request in relation to certain real estate;
2.    We provide offers, appoint meetings, survey of properties, etc.;
3.    As far as we have Your personal approval – we may send you news and offers, related to  “Strive 4BG” ltd.;
4.    In cases when you visit Our website (Your IP address) as far as we use Your data for the purposes of the direct marketing – we provide non-targeted banner, video and other types of advertisement, which we do following our legitimate interests. These interests may include that “Strive 4BG” ltd. is a company, established with commercial purposes, selling advertisement and thus making profits without harming the interests of the owners of personal data. In order to guarantee that Your interests are secured, we would like to inform You that You have the right free of charge and at any time to make objection against such data processing, including profiling, as far as it is related to the direct marketing. 
V.    On What Grounds Do We Process Your Personal Data
“Strive 4BG” ltd. processes Your personal data based on art. 6, Para 1, “a” of the GDPR – based on Your explicit, unambiguous, informed and concrete consent, which we hereby ask you to grant separately, as well as on the grounds of art. 6, Para 1, “b” of the GDPR – in order to undertake steps for asking the owner of data before concluding of an agreement.
VI.    To Whom We Disclose And Provide Your Personal Data
It is possible that we grant Your personal data to one of the below categories of persons:
1.    Your personal data may be processed by our employees and sub-contractors by virtue of a mandate agreement, as well as by our councilors and consultants.
2.    The competent state authorities – after we make sure that the request for information is in implementation of legal provisions, based on judicial rulings on legitimate requests by authorized authorities (further to the Digital Messages Act, Penal Procedure Code, Penal Code, etc.)
VII.    Protection of the Information
Your personal data are stored:
 On digital storage – on servers which are supplied with the special technical measures for protection from malicious software, encryption, as well as the due physical protection.
On paper source – it metal drawers, the access to which is restricted and may be exercised only by duly authorized officers.  
VIII.    Data Transfer
We do not send the personal data as provided by You to third countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. Some of our partners may transfer data outside the European Economic Area, when there is a decision for adequate level of safety, for example – in the case of the Privacy Shield for personal data protection between EU and USA. For more information You are advised to review the Private Data Policies of our partners.  

IX.    How Long Do We Storage the Information?
We storage Your information for the term, needed for processing of Your request, as well as …. After that. 
X.    The Rights of the Subjects Under GDPR
1.    You have the right to access to Your personal data: You are entitled to receive our confirmation whether Your personal data is processed by us, and in this case You’ll have access to your personal data and information.
2.    You have the right of correction of Your personal data: In case You find out that Your personal data, which we process, is incorrect, You have the right to advise us to correct them.
3.    The right to deletion of personal data (the right to be “forgotten”): in certain circumstances, such as for example where Your personal data is processed without legal base or if You have withdrawn Your consent (given that processing of personal data is based only on Your consent) , You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data.
4.    The right to restrict the processing: in certain circumstances, for example in case You have doubts in correctness of Your personal data or if You have objected against the legitimateness of processing of Your personal data, You are entitled to ask us to stop processing Your personal data, as long as appropriate solution is not found out. 
5.    The right to object against data processing: in certain circumstances, for example if You doubt our legitimate interest to process Your personal data, You have the right to object based on grounds, related to the specific situation, against such processing.
6.    The right to replacement of data: in case Your personal data is processed via automatic means of processing, based on Your consent and with purpose to execute our contractual obligations to You,  You have the right to ask us to provide You with Your personal data if format, suitable for digital processing to another data controller.
7.    The right to submit a complaint to a controlling authority: you are entitled to submit a complaint against processing of Your personal data by us to the respective controlling public authority – for avoidance of doubt it is the Commission on Personal Data Protection (www.cpdp.bg).
XI.    Withdrawal of the Consent
As far as processing of Your personal data is based only on Your consent for that, You are entitled at any time to withdraw Your consent. It this case we shall terminate immediately processing of Your personal data, if it is based only on your consent. Please keep in mind that in case of withdrawal of the consent for some part of the collected personal data, it may be an obstacle for us to provide You partially of the full range of our services. 
XII.    Profiling
We would like to inform You that when rendering our service we do not do profiling.